The best defense against cyber attack is knowledge.

October 25, 2017

MJ Computer Concepts,  8275 S. Eastern,  2nd Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Wednesday 9 am to 12 noon

Protect Your Business From Cyber Crimes

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Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

Over 16 million new victims of Identity Theft are reported to law enforcement every year.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.

When big-name companies are hacked and customer data is breached, we all hear about it. But smaller incidents happen daily to businesses of all sizes.

The most valuable asset to a company is its employees.  As a valued asset to your company, you are responsible for overseeing your workplace security. Technology in the workplace is not the only way to secure the company’s information.  If all of us take the time to be aware of our company’s information around our workplace, we can mitigate financial losses and avoid legal issues.   Cybersecurity awareness education is essential to help protect the company's customers, employees, and reputation from cyber attacks. 

This workshop will demonstrate the importance of policies and procedures that all businesses can use to mitigate the damages of a data breach.

Discover the value of policies that can help your company with a data breach.  Some of the policies covered in our workshop include BYOD, Incident Response, Equipment Disposal, Customer Response and more.

Learn how to create, maintain and update your company's cybersecurity policies made easy.

Businesses are the #1 source of Identity Theft, according to the 

US Justice Department

97% of all retailer have had a cyber attack

70% of all cyber attacks target small businesses

75 % of all employees leave their computers unsured  

Why should you attend?

National Credentials 


Register Your Employees

Cyber security awareness starts first with people.  You can control who has access to data within your organization and with training you can avoid cyber thieves.  You can protect your company and your customer’s personal identifiable information from the fastest growing crime of the 21-century, Identity Theft.


Cyber security is not just an IT issue it affects the company’s bottom line.

Avoid fines and penalties from state, federal and industry agencies regarding non-compliance.


Learn three key issues that can affect your business

bottom line.

·      Reputation Damage

·      Financial Loss

·      Legal Entanglement


Here are 3 reasons to attend.

This workshop will help your employees understand their responsibilities as the front line of defense against a cyber attack.

Protect Your Business From Cyber Crimes

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Cyber Security Awareness Speaker, Mack Jackson Jr., will provide an upbeat workshop that is packed with the latest in cybersecurity policies and procedures for your business.

Mack Jackson Jr - Speaker

Judi Moreo

Turning Point International

“Mack Jackson is extremely knowledgeable about Identity Theft and has an in-depth understanding of the chaos it can create in one's life. He is passionate about teaching others how to protect themselves from this horrific crime. Everyone should attend one of his informative programs and learn how to protect their personal information. He made me aware of things to do that I had not previously considered.” 

Corey Moore

HR Manager

"It really saves me time and effort. This workshop is exactly what our business has been lacking."



“Mack Jackson Jr. has outstanding leadership ability, critical thinking skills, capability to manage change, and a strong passion for delivering results. Mack is energetic, honest and informative. He has outstanding ability in critical thinking and managing change. He delivers results. I would recommend Mack to anyone."

Pete LaTona

Director of Sales at SAGE Software

“Mack has quickly become a trusted resource for me in the areas of cyber security, data breach response plans and Identity Theft. Mack understands what steps and systems we need to be in place to minimize the risk of Identity Theft and should a data breach happen, Mack would be the expert I would rely on to help rectify the situation.”

Matt Engle

Commercial Insurance Broker

- Lisa

“...I loved it.  I am grateful for Mack to be an expert to teach me about how to run my business...” 

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Protect Your Business From Cyber Crimes

October 25, 2017

Register today $297.00 by 10/20/17 seating is limited

Wednesday 9 am to 12 noon

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